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We know how hard it is to go to a foreign country, and to study a course such as Law. ELSA organizes the buddy system. You can contact them for any information which concerns everyday life (advice to choose your subjects, accommodation, transports, some help...).

ELSA has just opened a brand new group at the Law Faculty of Cergy-Pontoise. Founded in 1981,  ELSA has over the years become a network of 50,000 members, students and young lawyers, throughout more than 375 universities and 43 countries. In addition to its status as an NGO, ELSA also has a consultative status in some United Nations bodies and in the Council of Europe.

Its main objective is to promote cultural, linguistic and legal exchanges through the organization of various events (pleadings, debates, conferences, workshops, visits of French institutions, discovery of monuments and heritage, promotion of Erasmus exchanges, welcoming the International students ...). The local group ELSA Cergy has already allowed students to visit the Constitutional Council alongside with the Louis Vuitton Foundation in the previous semester, and several equally enriching and diversified events are currently being prepared. In order to understand the project of this new association, do not hesitate to contact the members of ELSA Cergy directly :