Wren Sellers-Peyrard, LL.M. program specializing in Law and Business Ethics

Student of the LL.M. specializing in Law and Business Ethics, Class of 2010-2011

The LL.M. specializing in Law and Business Ethics gave me access to outstanding academic programming and a network for employment opportunities. These resources were here for me as a student and remain a resource now that I am part of the LL.M. Alumni. It is a great feeling to have studied with faculty who are developing and testing new practices around codes of conduct, ethics and integrity programs. The research happening here, especially through the Chair of Excellence in Law and Business Ethics—exposed me to law professors, practicing lawyers, corporate officers and policy makers from international organizations based in Paris.

How did this education and network serve me for my transition into the work force? My classmates and I have found rewarding jobs that interest us and challenge us. We are keeping up with each other, and as our network of LL.M. Alumni is truly global, this network offers me global opportunities.

Responsable développement des partenariats internationaux, coordination filière droit anglo-americain, Adjunct Professor for Legal English, University of Cergy-Pontoise 2011-2014

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